Firefighters called to kitchen blaze after Romford man goes out, leaves oven on

Havering fire crews were called to a hot kitchen this morning (Monday) after a Romford man left his oven on.

Two fire engines and about 10 firefighters from Romford and Hornchurch had to break into a flat on Dorking Road after some forgotten cooking caught fire.

Watch manager Danny Meakin, who was at the scene, said: “Fortunately, the flat had a working smoke alarm, which alerted the neighbours who were able to call the brigade.

“You should always make sure you’ve turned the oven off before you leave the house. Unattended cooking is an all too common cause of kitchen fires, as we’ve seen here. The man was very lucky to have responsible neighbours who raised the alarm – otherwise the damage could have been much worse.”

There was some smoke damage to the kitchen but the sole occupant of the flat – believed to be in his 30s – was not at home and no injuries were reported.

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