Filmmaker appeals for private photographs and cine films for latest film on Undiscovered Hornchurch

Residents can get the chance to see their private photographs and cine films used in a new film about Hornchurch.

Film maker, Mike Jones is appealing for people’s family photographs showing images of Hornchurch from a bygone era as part of his latest film called Undiscovered Hornchurch.

He said: “We are looking for any cine films or even private photographs of Hornchurch taken before 1970.

“It’s amazing what you may have hidden in a box in the loft and we would love to see what people have.”

The documentary film follows the story of Hornchurch, starting off as a medieval village before growing into a much larger town.

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It also explores the history of the Hornchurch Aerodrome and the train crash of 1965 at Elm Park Station when vandals put a block on the line.

Mike said: “There aren’t many famous people who have lived in Hornchurch but there are some interesting things.

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“The town really grew around the leather industry and there is an interesting story there and the White Hart pub in the middle of thetown wasn’t built until 1935 but there has always been a pub on the site.”

Last year Mike, created a film about his hometown called Undiscovered Upminster.

He has also created a film based on the history of the Hornchurch Aerodrome called Fighter Station and he also plans to turn his camera to Romford.

Mike said: “The Upminster film sold very well and people have been very complimentary about the whole concept.

“I have been surprised at the response from the younger generation who have posted encouraging messages on social media sites.

“I hope that Undiscovered Hornchurch is just as successful because it is really interesting to see what Hornchurch is like today and what it used to be like.”

For more information contact, Undiscovered Upminster is available from or Swan Books.

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