Fashion: Flower power on the catwalk

Garden blouse, £98; Megaflora Charlie trousers, £98; both Anthropologie ( P

Garden blouse, £98; Megaflora Charlie trousers, £98; both Anthropologie ( Picture: PA Photo/Handout. - Credit: PA

Most trends are like Marmite; you either love or hate them with a passion.

Belle print top, £45; Karen floral skirt, £65; both Phase Eight ( Picture: PA

Belle print top, £45; Karen floral skirt, £65; both Phase Eight ( Picture: PA Photo/Handout. - Credit: PA

Florals are the exception - over the past couple of years the perennial spring print has become so popular it’s even blossomed on the catwalk in winter.

Izabel London floral print capri pants, £26 ( PA Photo/Handout.

Izabel London floral print capri pants, £26 ( PA Photo/Handout. - Credit: PA

And the reason for the enduring floral fever? With such a variety of prints, mediums and backgrounds available on the high street, there’s a bloom for everyone to cultivate in their wardrobe.

Coast Winslow watercolour floral dress, £125 ( Picture: PA Photo/Handout.

Coast Winslow watercolour floral dress, £125 ( Picture: PA Photo/Handout. - Credit: PA

It’s as if the fashion industry has magnified the trend in a greenhouse - each spring the florals just get hotter, stronger and more varied.

Stand by for your pick of this season’s bunch.

Bouquet beautiful

It may once have been the favourite print of your grandma, but florals have received a thoroughly modern makeover.

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Print dresses still remain a one-piece wonder for traditionalists, especially for summer occasions, but separates automatically make your florals look more contemporary.

Look for tailored skirts, trousers and blazers to mix with neutrals or, if you’re feeling brave, wear matching prints for a top-to-toe take on fauna.

Florals work in the same way as other prints in flattering the body - stick to smaller patterns to streamline and oversized blooms to help create the illusion of curves.

Muted marigolds

Take inspiration from the art gallery and make your florals abstract for a more grown-up feel.

Less obvious than crystal clear flowery prints, these blurred watercolour-esque blooms can only be made out when up close.

If you have an aversion to bright colours, abstract prints seductively set against a dark background make them suitable for day or night. Keep your prints sharp - and smaller buds on a black background will also tick the box for this season’s Oriental look.

You can still lighten up and stay subtle with a pair of floral print jeans that looked faded and bleached-out.

Flower feature

Some flowers are so ornately beautiful they look better solo, like a decorative ornament.

Look to tropical blooms like the orchid and opt for one bold feature bloom rather than a repetitive print.

To keep the look summer fresh, always wear a bright solo floral against a stark white background and let the print practically take over your body.

The floral feature look will make for a statement occasion dress but to keep the print low-key, opt for a top and pare down the boldness with a pair of jeans or casual trousers.

Fresh buds

If prints aren’t your thing, aim for florals that look so fresh you might just have people sniffing them on the street to check on their authenticity.

Flowers have gone 3D this season, taking shape in the form of embellishment and laser-cut petals. This look is most effective worn in just one colour to ensure the sculpted buds take centre stage.

Beware, they may look delicate but they can do the opposite to your frame - the bigger the embellishment, the more curves they add.

If you’re feeling wary, go 2D with decorative features like sequins, embroidery and textured lace.

Wild meadow

Florals can look prim and proper but it’s possible to go untamed and slightly wild - without looking weedy.

Rather than pruned flowerbed prints, adopt the rural summer meadow look. The easiest way to do this is with lifelike photographic prints capturing a field of overgrown blooms.

For another wild take on florals, clashing two opposing prints together is brave but effective. Simply pick out a common colour bud in each print for the contrasting blooms to harmonise.

If in doubt, experiment in the mirror with different petal prints until your outfit comes up smelling of roses.

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