Family, friends and a cuppa is Louisa’s secret to long life

�Seeing off 18 Prime �Ministers and two world wars is no mean feat but Louisa Thomas is still going strong at 100 fuelled by little more than good cheer and a �cuppa.

Louisa has lived on the second floor of Chaplaincy Gardens in Hornchurch for around 20 years after �moving in and telling her son then that she would be happy to make another year.

She said: “I still feel very healthy. I told my doctor that I can’t remember ever being ill apart having the measles.

“Nobody wants me �upstairs or downstairs.”

Mona Lisa

The Encyclopedia Britannica was first published when Lousia was born, the Mona Lisa was stolen and an aircraft landed on a ship for the first time.

Louisa met her bricklayer husband Bill when she worked at a laundry firm. He brought his shirts in and they spent 48 years together.

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They had sons Alan and John, two grand-children and two great-grandchildren. Louisa’s love of old time dancing may now be a spectator sport but she was surrounded by friends celebrating on Saturday.

Louisa said: “I had a fantastic birthday. I’ve got 75 cards and there are balloons everywhere.

“People say to me you don’t look your age but I feel it sometimes.

“I’ve had a good life but thankfully not a hard one. Smoking and drinking never interested me; I just like a cup of tea.

“I’m lucky I’ve got lots of friends, some of them the children of friends who aren’t around anymore.”

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