Ellen Owen, from Havering, beats fear of paranormal to delve into the spirit world

�A woman who admits she scares very easily has overcome her fear of the paranormal to learn about military ghosts in Havering.

Ellen Owen, a frequent speaker at Havering Museum, has developed a regular following for her ghosts of Havering and paranormal talks.

On Friday (January 27), she will share her stories of paranormal activity in Havering in her Military Ghosts talk, covering military bases around the country.

She will include RAF Hornchurch, North Weald and then move on to other airbases, and Second World War stories that are strange but true.

She has met servicemen and families who have reported having a guardian angel experience and spoken to one ex-soldier who helped the spirit of a soldier to move on.

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Over the past year she has analysed and shared stories so that people can make their own minds up about the credibility of each reported encounter.


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Ellen said: “I am someone who scares very easily and does not watch frightening films.

“Somehow I have been drawn into paranormal activity, which I find fascinating.

“The more I explore, the more I understand about ghosts and angels, why they are linked to places and objects, and their need to sometimes communicate with us.

“I, like many people, didn’t really believe in ghosts, but after several paranormal encounters – not of my making – can definitely say I believe in them and the fact that they watch us, and are around us day and night.

“Their stories are important, especially the spirits of lost servicemen and women.”

Her tales are not spooky, but aim to give a better understanding of military servicemen and women whose spirits may still be linked to places or objects.

Each story demonstrates the courage of the servicemen and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice and need to be remembered.

n Tickets cost �5 and can be bought from Havering Museum by calling 01708 766571 or at the museum in High Street, Romford.

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