Eleven-year-old Rainham girl writes first book

A creative Rainham youngster has followed in the footsteps of her mum and had a book published this week.

Michaela Mariyacha, 11, of Harlow Road, encouraged her mum Violet to complete her novel Jocelyn’s Phantom Husband, which was published earlier this year.

But her mum said she told her daughter to write her own book to keep her occupied.

Michaela, a pupil at Whybridge Junior School, did just that and completed it within six months.

Mrs Mariyacha said: “When I was writing my book she was annoyed if I delayed it. She put pressure on me to finish the book and I was fed up with her asking me how long it was going to be so I told her to write her own book.

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“She has written a very interesting story. I feel so proud of her and she deserves it.”

Her family helped her with the proof-reading for the book Double S Kids, but said all the ideas were her own.

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Mrs Mariyacha added: “She works so hard and is very creative. It took her a few months to write it and I think she has done really well.”

The book is about siblings Shara, 12, and Drew, 10, whose mother falls unconscious after drinking a cup of mint tea. She is taken to hospital where she is in a coma.

They move in with their grandmother, but the children think their mum is dead and the police want them for murder. So they run away to their mum’s house using a secret entrance. Meanwhile police are looking for the missing children.

Soon after a homeless man moves into the children’s home with a friend. Drew is too afraid to escape but Shara decides to go alone.

It is out on Friday and is priced �6.99.

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