Elderly couple robbed outside of Hornchurch supermarket

An elderly couple in their 80s have been left shaken and �100 out of pocket after they were robbed outside of a supermarket.

The couple, who are too scared to be named, were mugged by a gang of three men outside of Sainsbury’s supermarket in High Street, Hornchurch on September 19.

Family friend, Mike Macgonigle said: “It has had a really bad affect on both of them, they are now just so scared to go out.

“I think its despicable that people could do this to anyone, let alone two frail elderly people.”

The couple had just withdrawn their pension money for the week from the atm machine outside of the supermarket, when they were approached by the gang of three.

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The gang started circling the pair and the couple first noticed that something was wrong when they saw that one of the men was holding the wallet in his hands.

The man told the couple that he had found the wallet on the floor and gave it back to them, before making off with the two other men.

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The couple only noticed that they had been robbed when they got home and found that their bank cards were still in the wallet, but the �100 they had withdrawn was missing.

Mike said: “It was extemely confusing.

“They just said that the men were closing in on them, but didn’t know why.

“I think it was a technique that they used to try to get them confused.”

Mike is now appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

All three suspects are white. One of them is believed to be aged between 30 and 40.

Mike said: “Its horrible for any age, but it has hit them really bad.

“This has set them back so much, they didn’t have much confidence about going out before, but this has just made things worse.”

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