Young skippers strike gold at Havering Museum treasure hunt

Pirate Pete entertained children at Havering Museum.

Pirate Pete entertained children at Havering Museum. - Credit: Archant

Fun, laughter and a treasure hunt took place at the Havering Museum over the Easter holidays.

The museum recruited Pirate Pete to teach pirate-wannabes how to be the perfect pirate.

The children made their very own pirate hats and then using clues from a treasure map searched high and low through the museum galleries for the treasure.

When the children struck gold they were each rewarded with an Easter Egg as a share of the bootie. The event proved to be educational as well as fun for all the family.

Ellen Owen, director of the museum, said: “It was great to see the children having fun learning about pirates but they also learnt about smugglers and highwaymen in the Smugglers, Pirates and Highwaymen events.”

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