Upminster teacher who lied in his job application banned indefinitely 

Ben Singh Sowerby taught at Corbets Tey School in Upminster

Ben Singh Sowerby taught at Corbets Tey School in Upminster, where he was found to have lied when applying for the job and lacked integrity during phone calls to parents - Credit: Google

A former teacher at an Upminster school has been barred from the profession after telling a trail of lies, including inflating his previous salary and accusing a child of bullying. 

Ben Singh Sowerby, 36, was found by a Teaching Regulation Agency panel to have acted dishonestly when applying to be a teacher at Corbets Tey School in Upminster. 

It said his application included untruths such as naming an individual as his line manager at a previous school and stating his prior salary was £45,000. 

He was also found to have lacked integrity when, around September 23, 2020, he acted inappropriately during telephone calls to parents. 

This included claiming to have been rated outstanding by Ofsted as well as the bullying accusation. 

While accepting some of the facts laid before him, Mr Sowerby denied that they amounted to unacceptable professional conduct, adding he had been under extreme pressure. 

However, the panel found all allegations against Mr Sowerby bar one to be proven, and recommended a prohibition order be imposed. 

This was done on behalf of the secretary of state, meaning he will be barred from teaching indefinitely. He can apply for a review in five years.