Upminster primary school plans improvements to “horrifying” buildings

�An Upminster primary school that has had to teach children in draughty army huts from the Second World War is planning a huge redevelopment.

Branfil Primary in Cedar Avenue is hoping for permission to extend and improve its buildings and expand by one form.

Head teacher Andrew Kelly said: “We are excited about the prospect of an extension to the school.

“For too long our young children have been taught in sub-standard accommodation and it costs us too much to manage it.”


He said council leader Michael White was “horrified” when he saw the buildings.

The current infant school building, dating from the 1930s, would be demolished to make way for a 15-classroom extension to the junior school building.

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There would be a new music studio, games area, nursery, toilets, boiler, landscaped playgrounds and parking.

Cllr White helped the school get funding for the plans.

He said he was happy to assist the school that he described as “fantastic”.

He added: “I really like that it’s a community school that works with pupils and parents to get the best outcome for children.

“I personally wanted to see this development and I believe it would provide first-class facilities.”

The school, which currently has 422 children aged between four and 11, could also expand by a form to cope with increasing pressure on places.

Mr Kelly said it has been taking on extra pupils to cope with demand.

He said: “Expansion over five or six years makes sound financial and common sense.

“This development would be a huge change but it’s been a long time coming.”

If the plans are approved, consultation will begin with local residents, parents and other groups.