Trust boss addresses image of principal 'physically intervening' with pupil

Bower Park

The photo showed principal Shahid Deen of Bower Park Academy - Credit: Google Maps

A Romford school’s trust has stamped out speculation after a picture of a principal “physically intervening with a pupil” was circulated. 

Today (March 11), Empower Learning Academy Trust chief executive Simon London sent out a letter to parents and carers of students at Bower Park Academy about an image being shared around on social media. 

The photo showed principal Shahid Deen "physically intervening" with a student. 

Mr London said he was disappointed it had been posted without regard for the “potential consequences” and “without knowing the details of the situation”.  

He listed Department for Education guidance, which includes that “all members of school staff have a legal power to use reasonable force”.  

This force can be used for a number of reasons, including preventing pupils from hurting themselves or others, damaging property or causing disorder.  

“No member of school staff takes these actions lightly but they have to act in the moment and prioritise pupil safety," Mr London added.

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“There cannot be a situation in any school whereby staff are reluctant to intervene physically when there is a health and safety priority for fear of ending up on social media."

He said a "full" investigation found the “actions were appropriate in the circumstances”.