Think you can’t sing? Join Romford bus driver’s choir inspired by BBC2 show

Inspired by a reality television show, a Romford bus driver has joined forces with a professional music tutor to start a choir which will welcome singers of any ability.

After watching BBC2’s The Choir – which saw Gareth Malone teach choral singing to people who had no experience – Dennis Spencer-Perkins decided to do the same.

Following a chance meeting with choir master Charlotte Eaton, the pair agreed they would form their own group and encourage people of any experience and ability to join – even those convinced they are terrible singers.

Their aim is to show people that, with the right encouragement, anyone can sing.

The choir, based in Dagenham, which has been attracting recruits and is looking for more members, plans to put on a public performance in May at the Castle Green Centre, where it starts rehearsing today (Friday).

Dennis, of Brooklands Road, had never sung in a choir before, but since meeting Charlotte, of Spring Place, Barking, the 56-year-old has attended two of her singing sessions in central London.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” he said. “Belonging to a choir is a lovely opportunity to make new friends and relax by improving your voice.

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“Most people I speak to about joining a choir always say ‘yes, I’d like to join, but I can’t sing’.

“Our belief is that we can all sing, just give it a try.”

Charlotte says most people can sing if they relax.

“It’s also easier to sing in tune when you are singing with others as you can fit your singing in with them,” she said.

“I’ve met a lot of people who think they can’t sing and once they’ve relaxed and joined in with the others in the choir they’ve surprised themselves.”

The choir will be singing old and modern songs. For more information, call Dennis on 07989 904003.