Teenage tearaway from Harold Hill is now perfect son - thanks to Argentine discipline!

A former Harold Hill wildchild is now the model son after being subjected to some good old-fashioned discipline - in Argentina!

Remzi Tomlin, 17, appeared on the World’s Strictest Parents, shown on BBC 3 last Thursday (November 3).

The Recorder caught up with Remzi following his return from Buenos Aires, where he and another teenager from Sussex, Bryony Harris, lived with the Bustamante’s - a family of four living in a gated community in the Argentine capital.

Reflecting on his experience, Remzi said: “It was so amazing! At first I was really unsure about the trip but I really wanted to change.”

Before, Remzi was a demanding college drop-out who always requested money from his hard-working father.

But during his stay, the unruly youngster went to a South American school and carried out demanding chores at the family home.

Remzi said the Bustamante’s “were so amazing.”

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He added: “I was unsure about the rules they gave us but they were nice people. You couldn’t be horrible to them.”

He is still in contact with them all through Facebook.

Towards the end of the trip, the wayward teens realised their wrongdoings and began learning respect for their parents.

Remzi’s father, Remzi Hassan, 42, a Havering Council grounds maintenance employee said: “He has changed 100 per cent. Before, I came home to be treated like a bit of rubbish but he’s completely different now. It’s good.

“I gave him �40 to spend on the trip but he spent hardly any!”

The experience has completely turned young Remzi’s life around.

He said: “I now have a part-time job at River Island in Lakeside and study Media level three at Havering College. I even budget my money!”

He added: “The experience taught me to speak to dad about things. We sit down and have conversations.

Remzi said he loves listening to music, hanging with friends and of course partying!