School run parents driving Hornchurch residents up the wall

Wykeham Primary Schhol in Hornchurch. Pictures: Google Maps

Wykeham Primary Schhol in Hornchurch. Pictures: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Inconsiderate school run parents are driving residents up the wall.

A campaign group has been set up in Rainsford Way, home to Wykeham Primary School, because of the “inconsiderate and dangerous driving” that takes place in the morning.

The school’s entrance is in a dead end, meaning cars coming up to the gates either reverse up the congested road or do a three-point turn.

Jennifer Debuse, spokeswoman for the group, said this leads to drivers mounting the pavement endangering the children and parents walking past.

“It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured by cars performing this type of manoeuvre which occurs multiple times on a daily basis,” she said.

The council has said the situation “cannot continue” and revealed it is planning a major new campaign to tackle bad driving.

Following two incidents in a week, residents, teachers and councillors met at the school to discuss plans.

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The first complaint involved a parent driving off after knocking down a front wall while doing a three-point turn, the second involved damage to a car parked on a drive.

Jennifer added: “According to the Havering website and articles in the Recorder, safety around schools in the borough is of utmost importance, especially since the unfortunate incident of a child being knocked down by a car last year outside Hilldene Primary School.

“We feel more needs to be done at Wykeham School before any accident occurs here too.”

The group want to see the blocked part of Rainsford Way made a no-entry area except for residents and emergency vehicles and are calling for CCTV in the road.

The group has also come up with five proposals, including asking the council to write to parents of pupils telling them about the incidents and asking them to not drive along the blocked part of the road.

They have also suggested opening the school gates earlier and stationing teachers at the entrance to catch inconsiderate drivers, before naming and shaming them in the newsletter.

Other ideas include informing parents of the walk to school scheme or asking them to drop off their children at the corner of Strathmore Gardens for the Rainsford Way entrance or the corner of Saunton Road for the Barton Road gate entrance.

Cllr Robert Benham, cabinet member for environment, said complaints about bad behaviour from drivers was on the rise across the borough.

He said: “The council is looking at ways to bring this situation firmly under control to make sure that children can get to school safely, and we’ll be launching a major new campaign in the near future to address this. We can’t allow the current situation to continue.”