School puts art on sale for charity

Sophie Marsh with her artwork

Sophie Marsh with her artwork - Credit: Archant

Talented kids from an Upminster school displayed artwork at an exhibition to raise money for charity.

Pupils from Upminster infant school with their work

Pupils from Upminster infant school with their work - Credit: Archant

Year Two pupils from Upminster Infant School, in St Mary’s Lane, hosted an event where parents could view and buy the paintings.

Pupils from Upminster infant school with their art

Pupils from Upminster infant school with their art - Credit: Archant

The exhibition, has made £125 so far, with a few paintings still to be sold.

The proceeds will go to the Brentwood and Havering Bereavement Service.

Head of Year Two, Sharon Wood, said: “The children loved it. We told them it was for charity and they put their best effort into it, the paintings are really good, very colourful.

“The charity supports children and have done a lot of work for our pupils when siblings and parents have died. That’s why we did it.”

The pupils were asked to select a painting by post-impressionist artist Georges Seurat, who they have been studying, and then create an artwork in that style.

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Frenchman Seurat is known for the technique of pointillism, which involved painting small dots to create images.

The children replicated this by using cotton buds and their finished pictures were specially framed.

Sharon added: “They thoroughly enjoyed bringing their parents and purchasing their own pictures.

“The parents thought the children did a fantastic job.

“The children are leaving the infant school and going to the juniors, so this was nice for a final challenge.”

Headteacher Lin Beck said: “The children worked really hard to produce paintings that would grace any wall.

“We are always so wonderfully supported by parents so the exhibition was a sell-out. This has been a lovely way to raise funds for the charity.”