Scargill Infant School, Rainham, receives health and safety award

A Rainham school has been given a health and safety award.

The staff and children of Scargill Infant School in Mungo Park Road, were delighted to be awarded the SafetyMARK which rewards schools which have taken extra steps to create a safe environment for staff, pupils, visitors and contractors.

It is the first school in Havering to be given the award.

The SafetyMARK inspection team said: “Scargill Infant School demonstrated an excellent level of safety compliance and achieved a SafetyMARK audit score of 94 per cent.

“The school clearly takes the management of health and safety seriously and there are some very good systems in place for which the school is to be commended. The SafetyMARK award is well deserved.”

Headteacher Kath Keeper, said: “Our very high standards in teaching and learning are supported by very high safety standards in all areas, which ensures staff and children feel safe, happy and secure.”