Romford schoolboy is Danish star Nabiha’s “mini-me”

He may not like to blow his own trumpet in real life, but rising star Baxter Willoughby has been doing just that and more in a music video for a famous Danish pop singer, in his biggest role yet.

Big-haired Baxter, nine, appeared as a “mini-me” to starlet Nabiha in her video for Never Played the Bass, set in South Acton Working Men’s Club.

But according to the boy’s mum, Jane, Baxter’s been taking the fame game in his stride - and isn’t one to boast about his soaring fame.

“He’s a very modest boy, and grounded,” the 43-year-old stay-at-home mum said. “Once he’s done something, he’ll enjoy it at the time, but he won’t go on about it and doesn’t like to talk about it at school.”

She added: “We got a lovely letter from Nabiha who said Baxter was a little superstar and everyone was calling him her little ‘mini-me’. She said he was getting more comments than her and she was getting jealous!”

She added: “His nan and granddad cried when they saw the video because it’s his biggest part to date and he did so well.”

The Crownfields Junior School pupil, who also goes to Colin’s Performing Arts School, in Romford, danced, mimed the trumpet, and pretended to be a showbiz judge for the one-day shoot, filmed on December 18.

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The youngster’s rapidly growing CV includes modelling, acting, and dancing.

He has also as appeared in national TV adverts and newspaper features, and last year he was crowned Little Man UK.

But it all started when he won the Recorder-backed model search competition Get into Fashion, in 2009

“If at any time he wants to stop he’ll stop, but at the moment he’s loving it,” said Jane. “It gives him a great work ethic, and it means he earns a little pocket-money for himself too.”

Baxter also starred in a music video for Kuwati singer Shams, which he filmed last month in London’s famous Mahiki Club, in Kensington.

Never Played Bass is out now on iTunes.