Romford’s one of unhappiest places in UK, survey finds

�Go on crack a smile! Romford has been voted the fifth unhappiest place to live in the country in a property website survey.

But we’re not as dissatisfied as our neighbours in Ilford, the Rightmove poll found.

Around 25,000 people nationwide were quizzed in October on a range of topics – from their level of contentment over safety, house size and value to the neighbour friendliness and the quality of local amenities.

Despite the poorer weather and lower pay, Carlisle, York and Huddersfield in the north took the top spots as the happiest towns. While nine of the 10 unhappy towns were in the south-east.

Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron announced the “happiness agenda” –where Britain’s emotional health would become a priority.

The biggest concerns raised in the poll were contentment with community, the value of homes and costs of running a household.

Under-25s least happy

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“Those under the age of 25 are the least satisfied with local amenities and the least happy to spend their recreation time in their local community,” said Rightmove.

“Interestingly, they are also the least likely to say that they feel safe in their local community.”

But Romford MP Andrew Rosindell: “I’m obviously surprised to hear this.

“I don’t recognise the description to be honest – to brand any town that way I think that you would have to have been to the area.

“I don’t feel like that, living in the area or speaking to people, who live here. I think the criteria they have used must have made a distorted a view. I haven’t seen the depths of depression that this shows.

“I wouldn’t take it seriously. It sounds flawed and a bit of nonsense.

“I can’t understand how they can be less happy – it’s clearly not to do with wealth because people in this part of the country are better off than elsewhere in the country. I wouldn’t take much credence from it.”