Romford nursery is being monitored after complaints

A nursery has hit back at Ofsted inspectors’ damning report over “hygiene” issues which include leaving a mop in the kitchen.

Ofsted inspectors, the education watchdog, originally received a complaint about staffing numbers on outings from Footprints Day Nursery, in London Road, Romford.

This complaint was disproved during an unannounced visit, which showed that risk assessments are carried out before every outing and staff ratios are met.

But inspectors said during the visit they “identified that the setting was not providing a clean and safe environment for children”.

Their report said: “Children are exposed to the potential risk of the spread of germs and infection.”

But owner Pam Campbell said it related to a mop and bucket stored in the kitchen and paint on the walls from children’s paintings. And she said a cracked bin lid was replaced the following day.

She said: “It is good to have a governing body in anything. But the report that has been published does not give the true impression. We are working very hard to run the nursery and are trying to stay positive.”