'Disorderly' Rise Park school club 'does not meet' Ofsted standards again

Rise Park Infant School

The Rise Park Out of School Club is operated from Rise Park Infant School. - Credit: Google Images

A Rise Park school club has not met the quality and standards set by Ofsted in its recent inspection. 

Rise Park Out of School Club, which is operated from Rise Park Infant School, has been rated 'not met with actions' following a February inspection. 

The club provides a breakfast and after-school club.

A spokesperson for the Rise Park Academies - compromising Sunbeams Nursery, Rise Park Infant School and Rise Park Junior School - said the club is owned by an external provider and "is not, nor ever has been, led or managed by the Rise Park Academies". 

Following this article being published, the spokesperson said the school is "discontinuing" working with the club, with an alternative provider looking to be "promptly appointed".

Providers only caring for children at the beginning and end of the school day, or during holiday periods, are judged by Ofsted across "overall effectiveness: quality and standard of the early years provision". 

Inspections have three possible outcomes: met, not met with actions and not met with enforcement.

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The report, which was published on March 31, said:  “Children arrive at the club eager and excited to play. 

“However, staff deployment is not adequate to meet their needs.” 

It notes that children “do not receive enough support and encouragement to participate in activities" and some "show poor levels of engagement in their play”.  

They "run around, shout and play fight" in an environment that was deemed to be “disorderly” due to inadequate staffing, the Ofsted inspector wrote.  

Further concern was raised over staff not having “high enough expectations for children’s behaviour”.  

The inspection found there was “not always a qualified paediatric first-aider on-site”, with the report noting children “push and shove each other” when lining up for snacks. 

But children do enjoy daily "vigorous exercise" in the "large" playground, the inspector said, and showed “high levels of enjoyment and focus” when participating in games outside, such as skipping.  

It comes after an inspection in 2018 also found the overall effectiveness of the provision to be 'not met with actions'.  

While routine inspections were suspended during the pandemic, a call during 2020 found the club had met the safeguarding and welfare action raised at its last inspection, with the provider completing paediatric first-aid training.  

But the recent inspection found only the manager and one other staff member had the qualification, which had an impact when they weren't working.  

The report further noted staff are not “confident or proactive in dealing with children’s boisterous behaviour”.  

To improve, Ofsted told the club to ensure there is always one person on-site with a valid paediatric first-aid qualification, improve support and supervision for staff and bolster their knowledge of appropriate behaviour management strategies.  

The club was contacted for comment. 

This article has been updated with a comment provided by the school. 

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