Rise Park Junior School pupils launch their own Olympic games

Havering’s mayor attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games last week - at Rise Park Junior School.

Youngsters and teachers at the Annan Way school have been working hard to create a homegrown version of the greatest show on Earth.

Assistant headteacher Sarah Hillyer said: “We held a number of competitions to design a flag for each house, along with a mascot and torch.”

The children took part in a torch relay outside the school, performed the Olympic dance, before lighting a beacon with a ‘flame’.

Ms Hillyer added: “Over the next six weeks we will be focusing on the Olympics, holding a number of sporting sessions, as well as sports’ day, finishing with an Olympic closing ceremony and awards for the winning house.”

Cllr Lynden Thorpe declared the Games offically open on Thursday of last week (June 14).