Pupils set for first flight thanks to Romford academy

Bower Park students will go on their first flight in February

Bower Park students will go on their first flight in February - Credit: Archant

A school is taking a group of children who have never flown on their first flight as part of its global vision.

Bower Park Academy, Havering Road, Romford, sent a survey to all pupils and their parents asking who had never been on an aeroplane.

All of the 46 who applied to go then received text messages saying they would be visiting Glasgow for the day in February.

Organiser Eddie Aylett, Bower Park Academy’s global leader, said the school had a strong belief in experiencing different forms of education.

“We’ve already taken students to Florida, South Africa, Italy and Poland,” he said. “We visit schools and experience different education systems.”

Students usually have to raise funds to cover costs of trips abroad, but Mr Aylett was able to secure a grant of £3,000 from the British Council, which means they can go to Scotland for free.

He said: “Some students have never flown before, so that’s where the biggest impact would be seen from the school’s point of view.

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“Some of the parents won’t be able to afford holidays or flights, so we thought we’d take them.”

The youngsters, aged from 11-16, will embark on the one-hour flight at 8am and return at 10pm having spent a day sight-seeing, visiting a school and having dinner in the city centre.

Asked about the school’s decision and the impact the flights would have on the environment, Mr Aylett explained it more than offsets its carbon footprint.

“We do litter picking and go to the food banks,” he said. “Travel is always going to be there and we think it’s important.

“Our priority is that our students realise there is a world outside of Romford and London.

“We pride ourselves on being a lead school in our global vision. It is what stands us out from the other schools.”