Pupils rewarded for the best attendance in school

Elm class at Broadford Primary won the best class attendance trophy for last term.

Elm class at Broadford Primary won the best class attendance trophy for last term. - Credit: Archant

Children have been competing to be top of the class and to win some special prizes for good attendance.

Broadford Primary School has been offering prize incentives to make sure pupils turn up every day and have linked up with Motiv8, a company that helps to promote attendance in schools.

Pupils can now win a number of prizes just for turning up every day. If they complete a half term without missing a day, they receive a golden certificate and a 100 per cent badge.

If they can manage that again, they qualify for a packet of Top Trumps or a pencil case.

Children who receive 95 per cent attendance can take part in a bouncy castle extravaganza at the end of the year, and those who share the most improved attendance are invited to a cupcake party with governors who serve them drinks and cakes.

The Year 6 pupils in Elm class won the award for best class attendance for last term and will enjoy a trip to The Brewery where they can choose from bowling, cinema or Kidscape.

Headteacher Malcolm Drakes said: “If the children aren’t here, then the teachers can’t do their job. One of the key reasons for the huge uplift in attainment and progress has been motivating the children to be here every day. Great prizes, engaging lessons and quality facilities have all helped to make this possible.

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“The pupils and parents have worked hard to earn their rewards. Attendance has improved from below 92 per cent two years ago to over 95 per cent now.”