Pupils awarded medals from Romford Judo Club

A Romford Judo club have helped special needs students tackle an intense judo programme.

The Ford club on London Road, Romford, which was used for special needs judo by Trinity School, Heathway, Dagenham, is equipped with a sprung floor and specially equipped toilets and showers.

Trinity School were awarded medals by judo coach Bill Taylor and assistant Nicky Jackson, after an intense eight week programme.

It was through Sportivate Funding that the school were able to take part in such a strenuous sport.

Taylor who heads 1882 Judo Academy and who is also the coach for the successful Ford Judo Club praised the pupils for their commitment and dedication to the programme.

Taylor said: “This was a fantastic event for myself and the pupils and helpers.”

“I was not sure how it would be received at first but it was clear after the first lesson everyone was up for the challenge and had a fantastic time.”

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“The amount of judo we achieved over the 8 weeks was incredible and to see the transformation in these kids was very rewarding”.

Maggie Northledge, the Leisure Manager for Trinity School, added “The judo course has exceeded all expectations.”

“Not only have our students been physically challenged, but they have learned valuable life skills of discipline and respect.”

“By carefully matching skills and expectations to each student, Bill has inspired confidence and great improvements have been made in a very short space of time, whilst having so much fun”

If any schools, clubs or corporations would like to try the Olympic sport of judo please contact Bill through www.1882judoacademy.com