Partially-sighted Romford man praises help charity

He described it as an oil spill across his left eye but when Vinni Cox from Romford didn’t get it checked out straight away it cost him the sight in the eye.

In July last year, the retina detached, leaving him able to only see vague shapes and colours and within six months both eyes were affected.

“As soon as I noticed the explosion of floaters in my other eye, I immediately went to hospital,” said Vinni. “Because I acted so quickly and was able to have surgery the next day, I was able to retain about 35 per cent vision in my right eye.”

Now the 45-year-old wants to raise awareness of Action for Blind People’s (Action) Low Vision Centres so that people in the borough with problem sight know where to get the support they need.

Vinni Cox, 45, is still coming to terms with his sight loss: “During one of my visits to hospital, I picked up a leaflet for the Low Vision Centre. The friendly staff at the centre gave me a liquid level indicator to help me make my cups of tea, a monocular to see distances and magnifiers to use around the house. I may not be able to read or drive, but at least I can give myself a shave in the morning. The consultants are the light at the end of my tunnel and helped me think more positively about my future.”

The centre provides a specialist rehabilitation service for people who have been diagnosed as having low vision - defined as a sight problem that is not correctable by spectacles.

The charity has three centres in London, including one in Yew Tree Resource Centre, Yew Tree Gardens, Romford, providing support to people who live in Havering and further afield.

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