How much does it cost to live near Havering's best schools?

Ofsted outstanding schools in Havering, including Nelmes Primary School, Scargill Infant School and Hall Mead School

We've created a map of house prices close to the schools in Havering rated Outstanding by Ofsted, including those near Nelmes Primary School (pictured) - Credit: Google Maps

Living near the best schools is a priority for any parent.

Being able to send your child to a school that's outstanding in the eyes of Ofsted is often a factor in where families set up home.

With that considered, we've created an interactive map which shows you how much it will cost to live near one of the top 12 schools in Havering.

Concordia Academy, St Peter's Catholic Primary School and St Ursula's Catholic Primary School

Living near to the first two of these three schools will involve buying in and around Romford, where house prices vary hugely.

Houses in the Romford Town area start at an average cost of £200,000, though this can rise to £550,000 as you approach Gidea Park.

To buy in nearby Brooklands, where Concordia Academy is located, it could cost anywhere between £289,000 and £402,696.

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The Pettits ward would be the best bet if you want to be close to St Peter's Catholic Primary School, with properties in this area among the priciest in Havering.

A house in this area will cost you on average, at least, £431,500.

However, this could rise to as much as £755,000 the further east you go.

St Ursula's Catholic Primary School is in the Harold Hill area, where homes tend to more affordable.

Prices in the nearby Harold Wood start at an average of £288,500, while those in the Heaton ward closest to the school range from £267,500 to the £350,000 mark.

Ardleigh Green Infant School, Nelmes Primary School and Towers Infant School

Buying in the Squirrel's Heath ward is the best option if you want to live near Ardleigh Green Infant School.

While the data indicates you can buy a property in parts of this area for an average of £335,500, this is the lower end of the scale.

Houses in the areas closest to Ardleigh Green Infant School range between the £410,000-£475,000 mark, though can cost as much as £640,000.

Nelmes Primary School is in the most expensive area of Havering, according to the data.

Buying close to this school will mean investing in Emerson Park, where the lowest average cost of a property is £690,000.

Houses adjacent to Ardleigh Green Road - at an average price of £990,000 - could set you back close to £1million.

Just west of Emerson Park is Towers Infant School, where houses can range from £300,000 - in St Andrew's - to £523,500 in the Hylands ward.

Scargill Infant School, Scotts Primary School and Hacton Primary School

If you want to send your child to Scargill Infant School, Elm Park would be the best area to buy.

This area is more affordable than many of those mentioned above, and it is possible in some parts of Elm Park to buy for less than £300,000.

More commonly, however, houses will cost somewhere between £360,750 and £376,000.

Buying in the Hacton ward would leave you within travelling distance of both Scotts Primary School and Hacton Primary School.

Prices range between £466,747 and £470,000 in areas right beside the former, while in those closest to the latter, the range is between £420,000-£462,500.

Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School, Upminster Infant School and Hall Mead School

All three of these schools are in and around the Upminster area, which is amongst the most expensive places to buy in the borough.

The first two of these three schools are very close to each other; to buy close to either, it will set you back an average of £553,500.

In some parts of Upminster, properties can cost as much as £775,000.

Part of Cranham ward - close to all three schools - is the most expensive in Havering, according to the data.

If you want to buy here, it will cost you an average of £933,500.

It is more affordable to buy in the area right beside Hall Mead School, where the average property price is £594,750.

Prices lower as you go further east toward St Mary's Lane.