On-call nurses clamped while visiting patient in Romford

Two district nurses were left reeling after bailiffs clamped their cars while they attended a patient in Romford.

Heartless clampers told the women to cough up �125 each or face having their cars towed, impounded, and possibly crushed, on Monday morning.

Elaine Unwin and Julie Bull believed their NHS stickers - displayed in their front windscreens – would allow them to stay with impunity in the car park, in Pamela Court, off Victoria Road.

But they were astounded to find company CES Services Ltd unmoved - even when told the nurses were on call and had nearly 20 other patients to see.

Julie, a nurse for 32 years, said: “We were here in our uniforms and with our badges on - but they don’t care.

“The clampers said they were just doing their job, but what they’re doing is totally immoral.

“I have ten patients to see and Julie has eight. We’ve arranged cover, but it’s extra work for the other nurses. The whole thing is diabolical.”

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Patient Gillian Thomas, 46, said: “I was really upset. The whole situation is outrageous; these people are hindering the good work of these nurses.”

The nurses eventually paid the fine, which was refunded after Romford MP Andrew Rosindell’s office contacted the landowner, housing provider East Thames Homes, which employs the clamping company.

Said Andrew: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting that this sort of thing goes on. I don’t agree with clamping generally, but when it happens to someone like a nurse going about their duty, then there needs to be more serious questions asked.”

Elaine, who has been a nurse for 23 years said: “I was so shaken-up when I first saw our cars were clamped. I don’t think these people have any morals.”

CES refused to comment.

A spokesman for East Thames said: “There are systems in place to manage the car park, which ensure our residents have fair and easy access to their parking spaces, and prevent external cars using their facilities without a visitor’s pass.

“We have organised for a full refund of the fine and clarified a means to prevent the problem happening again.”