Old fun and games at Havering Museum

Youngsters had fun discovering old toys and games at a fun afternoon at Havering Museum.

Children had the chance to explore Victorian toys including the Jacob’s Ladder and a cup and ball. They looked at how different these toys are from those they play with today.

It brought all members of the family together and some Havering residents even brought in their own childhood toys.

Dawn Cunningham-Calyton, from Rise Park, brought in a war-time version of Monopoly which had a spinner instead of a dice. She also brought in a old pull-along toy and a1930’s Bagatelle.

Marjorie Walsh, from Elm Park brought in her old Sooty puppet, along with Muffing the mule and a 1950’s Wendy Doll.

Visitors and volunteers played unusual board games together including the children’s favourite Mousetrap and Battle of Britain.

Laura Turnage, education officer at Havering Museum, said: “Toys and games are essential within family life bringing different generations together.

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“This was largely evident in our old toys and games activity this afternoon.

“Everyone has that favourite toy they remember from their childhood and we were very lucky that some of the residents of Havering wanted to share their memories and experiences with us.”

Havering Museum is hoping to run this activity again during the Christmas period, for more information or to view Havering Museum’s activity programme visit their website, www.haveringmuseum.org.uk.