Ofsted inspectors drop complaint into Romford nursery

Ofsted inspectors have dropped complaints against a nursery and “hygiene” issues which included leaving a mop in the kitchen.

The education watchdog originally received a complaint about staffing numbers on outings from Footprints Day Nursery, in London Road, Romford.

This was disproved during an unannounced visit, but inspectors said in June they noticed that the nursery was “not providing a clean and safe environment for children.”

And it said: “Children are exposed to the potential risk of the spread of germs and infection.”

But owner Pam Campbell said it related to a mop and bucket stored in the kitchen and paint on the walls from children’s paintings.

In a report published this week Ofsted said: “We carried out a monitoring visit to the premises to check that the provider was meeting the actions and welfare requirements notice set.

“We are satisfied that the provider has done so and no further action was required.”

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Mrs Campbell said: “They were very fair in what they said and we moved the mops and addressed the other issues.

“We have a daily cleaning tick list and the inspector was happy with that. We had no other problems.”

She said the nursery is now awaiting a full inspection in the next four months which is usually carried out if a complaint has been made to Ofsted.

She added: “We are going forward on a positive note. It’s a good thing to have a governing body. Every industry needs one, and it is especially important in child care.”