Music inspires art work by Hornchurch photographer

The image above may look like a finely-crafted painting but don’t be deceived – it is actually photographs manipulated by an award-winning local snapper.

Professional photographer Martin Roffe, from Albany Road, Hornchurch, admits he’s no musician but is taken by the beauty and form of instruments.

“I enjoy music and jazzy things, and instruments are very much part of the artistic world, so I felt it was natural for me to include them in my work.”


He teamed them with a Gothic model, set to work using Photoshop and produced some unusual but stunning creations.

Bosses at the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch were so impressed with the results they have decided to exhibit the entire portfolio, called All That Jazz.

“Photographers tend to work in a very traditional way,” said 63-year-old Martin, a former Aerospace manager. “But I wanted to do something different and think outside the box – there’s no-one really doing this out there.

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“It’s the same woman in all the pieces, and I think combined with the instruments it’s quite off the wall.”

Queen’s chiefs were not the only people impressed by the work.

Martin recently won the highly-prized associate of the year at The Master Photography Awards (MPA) after sending the judging panel his work.

He was handed a fellowship, the highest MPA honour, on the same night.

He said: “To say that I was on top of the world was an understatement.”

n You can see Martin’s work at Queen’s, in Billet Lane, from Monday until January 29.