Havering young and old share skills

Young and old came together in an Upminster school’s first skills-swap session.

The event at Hall Mead School gave the older and younger people living in both Upminster and Hornchurch a chance to share skills.

Pupils shared their knowledge of computers and the internet with the older people who attend Age Concern Havering in Hopwa House.

The silver surfers learnt how to use YouTube, Google, the BBC iPlayer and Facebook.

They had a chat after the lesson and the pupils entertained them by providing music.

They were also shown a dance routine by the Miss Bailey’s Dance Group.

Pupil Jack Mullins, in 7WMC, said: “It was a fun time. We were helping people learn more about the internet and we got to learn about their lives.

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“We challenged some of the visitors to a game of Wii Bowling and they were very good. They actually beat us and got a record. We would love to do it again.”

Stuart Robinson, manager of the day centre, said: “Everyone had such a great time. We have been trying to encourage more use of the internet with our service users so this is an excellent introduction.

“The pupils have been so friendly and very welcoming. They have mixed in and been great ambassadors for the school. We can’t wait to do this again with the pupils coming to the centre next time.”

Joe Hales, head of the Every Child Matters Faculty at the school, said: “It is hoped that in the new school year students from Hall Mead will travel to Hopwa House to shared in the skills of the service users and build a strong bond between the generations.”