Havering’s population set to rise by more than 10% in a decade

Projected population figures for 2021 show a shifting demographic in Havering - including a surprising fall in Cranham pensioners.

The numbers, released by the Mayor of London, indicate that by 2021 the total population of the borough is estimated to grow from 234,600 to 261,700, an increase of 11.5 per cent.

Cranham currently has the highest number of residents aged 65 and over, at 2,800, however this is projected to fall to 2,700 by 2021.

It is the only ward in Havering expected to see a drop in pensioners, with all other wards likely to see a growth.

St Andrew’s is estimated to have the highest number at 3,050, followed by Upminster at 3,000.

Brooklands and Gooshays are currently home to the greatest numbers of young people (aged up to 15).

However, over the next decade South Hornchurch is set to take the top spot with 4,250, in front of Brooklands at 4,150.

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The figures, which are featured on the Havering Residents’ Association (RA) website, are part of a complete study of ward profiles by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Cllr Clarence Barrett (Cranham, RA), said: “It is interesting to see that Cranham is the only ward that projects a reduction in numbers of people aged 65+. Demographic projections such as these can be useful in shaping and targeting resources to where they are most needed across the borough.”

For more info go to: http//data.london.gov.uk/datastore/package/ward-profiles-2011