Havering police seize dozens of uninsured cars in crackdown

Police seized more than 30 vehicles in Havering one just day as part of a crackdown on uninsured drivers.

Officers seized 31 vehicles and arrested three drivers - for driving while disqualified, possession of drugs and criminal damage - as part of the London-wide operation on Tuesday.

Across the Capital, more than 400 vehicles were seized and 71 people arrested in the Metropolitan Police crackdown using Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras.

The operation follows plans by new Met police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe to clamp down on specific crimes once-a-month, known as Big Wing days.

Last month 558 vehicles were seized and 76 people arrested across London in the first of the Met’s monthly crackdowns on uninsured drivers.

Commissioner Hogan-Howe, said: “We know from experience approximately 80 per-cent of uninsured drivers are criminals. They’re also more likely to be involved in crashes and have unsafe cars so we’re taking this action to make London’s roads safer.”

Commander Steve Watson, who led the operation, said uninsured vehicles were often used to carry weapons, drugs and stolen property. He added: “I am pleased to see that as the result of a second day of action, even more uninsured drivers have been taken off the Capital’s roads.

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“The Metropolitan Police will not tolerate uninsured driving and we will continue to work to seize uninsured vehicles. Our message to uninsured drivers is to get it sorted immediately, otherwise we will seize your vehicle and prosecute you - it’s just a matter of time.”

Uninsured drivers face up to six penalty points, fines of �200 and even driving bans.

Lat year the Met seized 34,000 uninsured vehicles, of which 11,000 were destroyed.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau estimates around 255,000 cars in London are uninsured, accounting for 8.6 per-cent of all cars on our roads.