Havering fat dog Winnie is pet charity’s slimmer of year

It was less a case of shedding a bit of puppy fat, and more about shifting some serious fido flab for podgy pooch Winnie.

The monster canine, from Havering, was put on a doggy diet by Battersea Dog and Cats Home after tucking into one too many bones.

But this week Winnie is celebrating after being named the charity’s slimmer of the year.

When the American Bulldog cross arrived at the charity’s Kent branch in May, she tipped the scales at a huge 41.9kg.

And sadly, her size meant her owner could no longer care for her.

Since then Winnie has shed 6.3kg in less than three months, and at a sprightlier 35.6kg, she is about the right weight.

Now the charity is calling on all pet owners to monitor their animals’ size, after the number of obese pets brought into its homes doubled in the past year.

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Rehomer and animal welfare assistant Helen Stone explained: “Overweight dogs commonly suffer from many health concerns, such as arthritis and problems with the heart, lungs and kidneys, not forgetting the added pressure upon the joints and muscles.

“If these problems are tackled quickly enough, owners and their dogs would enjoy a healthier and better quality of life for many more years, instead of the risk of a premature death.”

Helen recommends all dogs should have a good diet with a few doggy treats during training and of course, lots of exercise.

Winnie is looking for a new home, if you can help contact Battersea Brands Hatch on: 01474 875106 or bbh.rehomers@battersea.org.uk