Trash to treasure: Art inspires Harold Wood pupils to save the planet

Students Jessica, Macie and Deea working on their trash to treasure project. 

Students Jessica, Macie and Deea working on their trash to treasure project. - Credit: Harold Court Primary School

Schoolchildren in Harold Wood tapped into their creative side when they took part in an arts week with a “trash to treasure” theme.  

Pupils at Harold Court Primary School, aged five to 11 years old, created rubbish-inspired works in an arts week that started on June 7.

On Friday, June 11, a final exhibition took place in the school's hall and the children also participated in a finale fashion show which gave them the chance to exhibit their designs made out of recycled materials.  

Harold Court Primary School

Student Josh made superhero arm protectors and glasses ready for the fashion show. - Credit: Harold Court Primary School

Headteacher Lynn Hogan-O'Neill said the arts week engaged the children to explore and express themselves in alternative ways.  

She said: “This year they were inspired by turning ‘trash to treasure’ as so many of our children want to do more to protect the planet." 

Arts lead and organiser of the week, Miss Mary Donnelly-Symes, said the theme was inspired by the Year 6 children who want to reduce waste and use less plastic to “help our planet”. 

During the arts week, Miss Donnelly-Symes said there was a "buzz of creativity around, which was lovely to see”.  

Students Freddie, Mari and David 

Students Freddie, Mari and David worked together to make Freddie an outfit for the fashion show. - Credit: Harold Court Primary School

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She said: “The children were learning without realising because they were having so much fun.  

“Every single piece of artwork or clothing was made from materials that would normally be thrown away.  

“We were very fortunate to be able to Zoom with artists (Nick Gentry and Kamila Bianchi) and ask them a range of questions about their craft; these were a real hit with the children and we can't thank them enough."

Curriculum lead for all foundation subjects, Lauren King, said: "It was a really fun and exciting week and the school was filled with enthusiastic children who were passionate about what they were doing.  

"I think that the passion to save the environment was represented in their works also. 

"In a difficult time of Covid, we are continuing to think outside of the box to make things as enjoyable as possible for the children."

Miss Donnolly-Symes' class said the arts week made them think about what they will buy in the future and how they can do more to help. 

Year 3 students created a "save the turtle" display. 

Year 3 students created a "save the turtle" display. - Credit: Harold Court Primary School