Harold Hill pupils have a visit from some special feathered friends

A Harold Hill school had some special feathered visitors fly in last week.

Children from the nursery and reception classes in Broadford School have been reading the classic book Owl Babies, and what better way to bring the book to life than to let the children meet some real life owls.

Headteacher Malcolm Drakes said: “Phil Eckett brought along his soft feathered friends. Swooping up and down the school hall the graceful, majestic birds delighted the pupils and teachers, even dive bombing (teacher) Joanne Stanley!

“First the children got to meet Isis - an Aharoni Eagle Owl from Egypt. When she had finished scampering around the floor she gobbled her way through several pieces of chicken - still with the feathers and bones attached.

“Did you know that, after around seven hours, the owl will then cough up a small pellet to expel the unwanted feathers and bone?”

The children then met Spook, the Snowy Owl. All the birds were brought into the school by Owl Wise who provide educational talks for children, visit community groups and care for six birds.

Mr Drakes added: “It was a tremendous morning which the children will remember for a long time. Certainly the Owl Babies story is now very real for all the children.”