Harold Hill after school club wows Ofsted inspectors

After school club celebrate their ofsted success

After school club celebrate their ofsted success - Credit: Archant

An after school club run by a mum-of-two has been given the highest possible ratings by Ofsted across all areas of inspection.

Nicole May, 30, of Retford Road, Harold Hill, is celebrating the achievement of her and staff members at Pyrgo Primary After School Club, part of the Essex After School Club.

In their report, inspectors said the 49 children who attend the club in Settle Road, Harold Hill, felt secure because of the staff members’ highly positive relationships with them and their families.

The report also said children’s personal, social and emotional development were well promoted, meaning they felt very happy, confident and highly independent.

Nicole was most pleased about inspectors recognising that the children have a voice at the club and are listened to by staff.

They said the children realise they have rights but also a responsibility to be kind to each other.

“That’s the way I see it,” said Nicole. “It’s their club, we just make sure they behave. They make the decisions on what they want to do. We even let them choose the snack menu – within reason!”

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The club is for children aged three to 11 and regular activities include arts and crafts, cooking and sports.

Strong partnerships with parents and staff from the various schools the children attend contribute to the club’s success, Ofsted said.

Inspectors also spoke to parents, who spoke very highly of the staff and the excellent quality of care they provide.

And Nicole, who has worked with children since the age of 17, was said to provide inspirational leadership to her dedicated team. The report said staff work exceptionally well as a team and have a shared commitment to improve the quality of their provision to the highest standards.

The only room for improvement cited by Ofsted was to continue to build on the very good arrangements for involving children in decision making and planning activities based on their own ideas.

Inspectors visited the club in November.