Hands on Gidea Park pupils learn life-saving CPR skills

The youngsters learnt life-saving skills

The youngsters learnt life-saving skills - Credit: Archant

Children have been learning vital life-saving skills in school.

The pupils at Gidea Park Primary School, Lodge Avenue, took part in a first aid course for two days which included learning CPR.

The course by David Leach, from Crusaider Training, followed the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart training programme.

Sue Rudge, headteacher at the school, said it was the third year they were running the course for children as well as the teachers.

She said: “We got loads of mannequins of different sizes for the children to practice on. They learned CPR

“The feedback from the children has been great. They have been positive

“The course is very hands on and gives them the skills that if they came across an accident they could pick up the phone and know what information they should be giving to the emergency services.”

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She added that she asked the children if they would be confident knowing what to do after doing the course, “One pupil said she felt more confident now, another said she would check if there was an adult first then she would give first aid a go. It is a good thing that they have these skills if they have to.”