Government budget cuts force schools to fundraise for new facilities

Hall Mead School and Bower Park Academy. Picture: Google Maps

Hall Mead School and Bower Park Academy. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

Schools have had to resort to crowdfunding to raise money for new facilities due to government budgets cuts.

Hall Mead School, Marlborough Gardens, Upminster, has set up a Just Giving page asking for donations to replace all of the computers in classrooms, with the aim of raising £60,000 by summer.

On the page, it says: “Hall Mead has always managed its budget prudently and has prioritised recruiting and retaining the best teachers and maintaining our smaller class sizes.

“However, this has led to a reduction in our IT budget and many of our computers are now getting old and slow.

“To remedy this we have negotiated a deal to replace all the computers in classrooms but will need your help to finance this.”

Bower Park Academy, Havering Road, Collier Row, has also set up a Just Giving page, asking for £25,000 to refurbish its South Hall, replacing the original curtains, a new lighting rig and sound system.

Assistant associate headteacher Eddie Aylett said: “We want teaching to be the best it can be, so additional spending is difficult.

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“If we can create a community project that all students, staff and parents can benefit from, then it has worked.

“We are on a journey to good and we will get there, with the help of the Bower Park family.

“Just Giving gives us access to current and past pupils at the touch of a button.”

As well as the fundraising page, the school is asking for DVDs and old mobile phone donations and students are auctioning off their work online.

A festival will also be held by the school during the summer holidays to raise money.

Mr Aylett said: “I have a passion for teaching and want to refurbish the hall, to show students amazing things can happen.

“We are on a journey and we want the community to be a part of this with us.

The hall is the centre of the school and by replacing the interior we can improve the mind set and aspirations of all pupils.

To donate to Bower Park Academy visit here

To donate to Hall Mead School visit here