Gidea Park school council holds own election


The parties went head to head after a gruelling campaign before the electorate took to the ballots to vote for who they thought would represent them best.

After a tense count it was revealed that the Snack Party came out on top at the Gidea Park Primary School election which was held to coincide with the national general election.

The school council divided into three parties before campaigning throughout the classrooms to gain the support and votes of their fellow pupils.

Besides the victorious Snack Party who promised to allow students to bring snacks into school for one day only, the children also had the option to vote for the Pyjama Party who promised a day of onsie-wearing, and the Toy Party, who vyed for votes to allow a toy day at the school.

Every child filled in a ballot form and posted it before the polling station closed at 2pm on Thursday May 7.

True to their word, the winning snack party allowed every pupil to bring in one snack and one drink to have with morning break the day after the count.

They received a whopping 179 votes from the Gidea Park Primary constituency.

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Amanda Conner, deputy headteacher, said: “The children really enjoyed this day and have learned more about the importance of voting and how democracy works.

“I’m just glad I didn’t need to wear pyjamas on Friday!”

Former parliamentary candidate for Labour, Sam Gould, 23, said: “I only got into politics when I studied it for A-level – we don’t teach it at schools and this is a fantastic way to let children know it is a viable option for them,” he said.

“No one is too young to understand how politics can help them.”