Gidea Park girl shows photographic talent

Ten-year-old Francesca Stranders may still only be in primary school but her creative snaps are enough to rival a professional photographer.

Francesca, of Stanley Avenue, Gidea Park, started taking a few pictures and caught the eye of professional photographer and neighbour Hayley Madden who started tutoring her a few months ago.

And snap-happy Francesca encouraged her to set up a photography club at Gidea Park Primary School so she and friends could learn new skills.

She even used her skills to take pictures of the school’s fete last week which were featured in The Recorder.

She said: “I was in Year 3 when I had an interest in photography. I asked Hayley to do the club so we could learn how to photograph properly.”

She added: “I have been learning to focus the camera, how to hold it properly and to use the zoom.”

She even put her new-found to the test to take pictures of Gidea Park School’s fete last week which were featured in The Recorder.

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Francesca said: “We wanted to get a range of important people in the photos and portrait shots of them.

“I think I felt a bit more confident because they were people I knew.”

She has been practicing her photography skills by learning new skills and taking more nature-inspired pictures.

She said: “Our school had a competition where we had to take pictures while we were out and about.

“I got some nice shots of some houses and trees. And I got a picture of some cars rushing down the road. I also like taking pictures of landscapes, flowers and trees and from angles.”

Her dad Kevin said he was proud of her work and impressed with how much she had learnt quickly.

He said: “I think it’s outstanding that someone of her age is taking pictures so well and thinking of all the details.

“She is constantly going in the garden and taking pictures of the apple tree with the sun behind it. She is always looking for new effects.

“She is very dedicated to learning more and practicing. She has become more confident by doing the short course and taking the photos at the fete.”