From Collier Row to Bangladesh for maths teacher

Migena Shabani with pupils

Migena Shabani with pupils - Credit: Archant

A maths teacher traded Collier Row for Bangladesh as part of a project to experience education in different cultures.

Migena Shabani usually spends her days educating youngsters at Bower Park Academy, Havering Road, Collier Row – but this month has spent a week teaching at partner school Dalgram High School, Rangpur.

The Connecting Classrooms project is part of the global vision to improve the school.

Dalgram has 600 pupils but just 15 teachers, each juggling three subjects. Class sizes vary from 100 to 150 students.

“When arriving at the school I was treated like royalty!” said Migena. “Each lesson was 40 minutes long. If this was made realistic here, then I can already hear the distance murmur of ‘how can I teach all the curriculum in that amount of time?’

“Every time a student answered a questions they had to stand up! This method seemed to work and also gained respect.

“Maybe with some shared ideas, teaching and a partnership with Rangpur, we will be able to use the Connecting Classrooms project to allow all of our students to achieve!”