Friday 13 is lucky for some as Jane wins hospice lottery

It may have been Friday 13, but it proved lucky for one woman who won the top prize in the St Francis Hospice weekly lottery draw.

Jane Tatum, from Hornchurch, took home �1,000, and ten other supporters bagged a prize.

She first came to know the hospice when her dad, James Orford, was cared for by staff last year.

“My dad received extraordinary care both at home and in the hospice,” said Jane. “From the moment he was diagnosed, the hospice became involved. The staff took all of his wishes into account and made him more comfortable than he’d been for months. You can’t explain how special the hospice is until you’ve seen the care they provide, words cannot express my gratitude.

“It’s been a difficult year for me, dad died in June 2011. When a St Francis Hospice ambassador knocked on my door, I signed up to the lottery - the hospice deserves all the help it can get.”

Maria Tillett-Hayes, lottery manager at the hospice, said: “There are over 4,000 players now, many of our staff and supporters have signed up and we hope the rest of the community join them in having the chance to win the top prize. Second prize has been consistently rolling over and now stands at �8,000; it’s a very good time to start supporting us!”

Jane intends to take her family out for dinner and help her eldest daughter with university fees with her winnings.