Former Brittons School teacher guilty of unprofessional conduct

�A teacher has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct after submitting an incorrect reference to get a job at a school.

Denzil Robinson, who taught at Brittons School, Ford Lane, Rainham, appeared before the General Teaching Council for England’s professional conduct committee.

He had resigned from his previous post while a disciplinary investigation was ongoing. Under the terms of his resignation, Mr Robinson was required to provide a certain reference if applying for a job involving children.

The teacher, who is severely dyslexic and has depression, supplied the wrong reference to a recruitment agency to get a job as a supply teacher at Brittons.

The committee also found him guilty of four charges in relation to applying for a permanent position at the school in May 2008.

He was found to have cited references inconsistent with those given to the agency, excluded references from his previous school and failed to meet conditions set out in the guidance notes.

He also said his reason for leaving his previous employment was personal, failing to disclose his resignation and the terms of the agreement with his former school.

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He was cleared of acting dishonestly by presenting the wrong reference to a recruitment supply agency, and of breaching the duty of trust and confidence between employer and employee.

The committee decided not to impose a sanction on Mr Robinson but advised him to seek advice and support, and to disclose the correct references when applying for jobs.