Family’s plea: ‘Help us find hero Doberman Bailey’

A Cranham family is desperately searching for their missing dog - who once played lifesaver to their young son.

Seven-year-old black-and-tan Doberman Bailey disappeared while being walked in Brickfields Playing Fileds, in Cranham. at around 8.30am on Wednesday of last week.

“From there he could have travelled under the M25 or over the A127 in any direction,” said distraught owner Sharon Jennings. “We can’t thank people enough, old and young have all been searching for him, but he seems to have simply vanished.”

“Bailey is very special to our family,” she added. “When our 12 year-old son Michael was eight, he was swimming near the bank of Belhus Lake, he began screaming saying he couldn’t get out. Bailey who never goes near water as he is afraid on this occasion jumped in and swam towards him.

“Michael did manage to climb out but we never forget Bailey’s bravery and laugh that he still has not ventured in water since. Bailey is known by all the children over in Upminster rugby fields where he visits with us to watch Michael play every Sunday.”

The family is offering a �500 reward for the safe reutrn of the beloved pet, who has a silver collar, and small split in his right ear

“We have searched a 30-mile radius, contacted every council, dog warden and police but no news,” added Sharon. “Please help.”