Ex-Pupil opens Whybridge Infant School’s Olympic week

A former pupil visited Whybridge Infant School with an Olympic Flame to open the school’s Olympic week.

Ex-pupil Danielle Giles visited Whybridge Infant School, Ford Lane, Rainham, with an Olympic Flame to open the school’s Olympic week on Monday.

Danielle, 22, Vice President of Sport and Healthy Living for the Bangor Students’ Union, was selected to represent the games by Bangor and carry an Olympic style torch through the school much to the children’s delight.

Head Teacher, Ian Bakmann-Madsen prepared the children last week when he told them that they would be having a torch relay with an Olympic flame.

The children then excitedly waited for Danielle to pay them a visit.

On the day, the children made their own Olympic torches which they could wave as a means of celebration, preparing them for next month’s momentous games.

The children formed a line which Danielle ran alongside before she announced that the ceremony was now open.

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The children had learnt the national anthem for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so by now they are fully-pledged professionals and were ready to sing their hearts out.

They sang ‘God Save The Queen’ and had chosen different countries of their choice to cheer along, which some carried the flags for.

Danielle spent Friday in Malkham, Blackpool, when the Olympic Torch passed through the town and she will be attending Henry Green School, Chittys Lane, Dagenham, later this week.