Emily campaigns for safer walk to school in Upminster

�A nine-year-old girl is campaigning for new footpaths in Upminster because she says it is dangerous walking to her school without them.

Emily Kinder, from Oakfields Montessori School, wrote to Havering Council, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, her MP, Angela Watkinson, and Prime Minister David Cameron.

She highlighted the lack of footpaths in Harwood Hall Lane and children’s safety.

The school said it was difficult to walk to the school without needing to step onto a narrow and busy road.

In her letter, Emily says: “My school has no pavement outside. This means it is very dangerous for me and my friends to walk to school.


“I would like to walk to school because it is healthy, fun and better for the environment. I enjoy walking to school but there is no footpath in Harwood Hall Lane.

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“If cars come along the lane a little too fast, I have to jump onto the mud and I am worried that I may slip onto the road.”

Oakfields deputy head Laura Ciftci said: “We now eagerly await a positive outcome for improved footpath facilities in Harwood Hall Lane, with the sincere support of our pupils and our local MP.”

Cllr Barry Tebbutt, cabinet member for environment, said: “I understand Emily’s concerns and we are working with both Corbets Tey and Oakfields Montessori schools to improve access for pupils like her. Unfortunately, the land around her school is private and not public land owned by the council.

“Work will start next month to build a new footpath at the northern side of Harwood Hall Lane to Corbets Tey School. We are also working with Emily’s school as we look to see if we can secure external funding to link the new footpath with a new crossing point.”