Collier Row schoolgirl, 6, barred from school disco

The mother of a six-year-old girl is furious her daughter was barred from attending her Collier Row school’s Christmas disco last week.

Rebecca Greenwood, 30, took her daughter, Summer, to Pinewood Primary School, in Thistledene Avenue, on the day of the party, December 13.

She hoped to pay for the �2 tickets at the school’s office, and had packed Summer’s school bag with a specially bought party dress in preparation.

However, office staff and headteacher Lisa Fifield refused to sell Rebecca the tickets, stating the deadline for purchase had been the day before.

“I thought it was absolutely disgusting,” said Rebecca. “My little girl was crying her eyes out because she couldn’t go.

“I went home after dropping Summer off and phoned the school asking to speak to the headteacher again. Although I pleaded with her to let Summer go, the answer was no – a straight no.

“Apparently, rules were rules.”

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Rebecca, of Larchwood Avenue, Collier Row, who suffers from stage five chronic kidney disease, explained she and her daughter had been ill and unable to make it to school on the final days the tickets were available for sale.

“Sometimes I get very tired and feel quite unwell. The school know about my condition but I feel they made no allowances for it. I thought they could have shown a little compassion,” added Rebecca.

“It’s not Summer’s fault. I feel like she has been punished for no reason. She is a very good little girl and I feel she has been punished for no reason.”

Rebecca, who is to begin dialysis treatment next year, returned to the school to take Summer home at 9.30am.

She said she didn’t think it was fair for her to be around her Year One classmates getting ready and excited for the party when she was upset about not going.

“She was really looking forward to it. When she woke up that morning she said ‘Mummy, it’s the day of the party today,’” added Rebecca.

“I’m having an upsetting time and of course I’m worried about the future. I just wanted everyone to have a really nice Christmas.”

Headteacher Ms Fifeld said: “We are sorry this child was unable to attend the disco. It was run by our parents’ association which circulated information about when and where tickets could be purchased in advance.”

“Several reminders were given to both parents and children. Any parents who knew they would be unable to purchase tickets on those occasions could have contacted the association beforehand.”