Collier Row group loses hundreds of pounds worth of fete stock

A Collier Row group, which had hundreds of pounds worth of damage to vital summer fete stock after a flood, is looking for donations.

St Patrick School’s parent teacher association stored their stock for the annual fete in a garage under the adjacent Corpus Christi RC Church, in Lowshoe Lane, after their last event at Christmas.

But after spotting water trickling from under the door on Saturday and checking the stock they discovered it was ruined after a damaged mains water pipe leaked in the garage.

Lisa Church, from the pta Friends of St Patrick’s (Frost), said: “We were devastated when we found out.

“On Saturday we opened up the garage for a clearout and inventory. We found that the lower storage area was in three ft of water.”

Mrs Church, 36, of King’s Hill Avenue, Collier Row, added: “All the stock was up to my thigh in putrid water.

“Some of the things we had had for years. Now we will have to start again from scratch.

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“We thought that’s it. We do raise a bit of money, but it is to help the school.

“We packed everything away after the last fete. We know it was fine at Christmas because we had a bazaar.”

They lost four gazebos, donations, bunting for the stalls, prizes and bottles of alcohol for the tombolas.

They have had to fork out ₤160 to hire a skip and throw out the donations and stock.

A plumber has repaired the damaged pipe and the group has stored the remaining stock in their own garages.

The group is looking for donations of good-quality items that can be used for the fete, gazeebos for the craft stalls and games for stalls.

If you have any items you would like to donate call Lisa Church on 07561 318725.

The fete is due to take place on June 26 at the school.