Collier Row beaver scout wins every badge possible

Becca Snell

Willow Snell has achieved every award possible at beavers, Collier Row. - Credit: Becca Snell

Beaver scout Willow Snell has earned the rare achievement of getting every badge available.

Willow, 8, a member of the 3rd Collier Row Beaver Scouts, for children aged six to eight, has earned 37 activity badges in the two years she has been in the colony. 
The badges range from animal friend to cook, cyclist to hobbies and photographer to space. 

Her Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, which is the top award for beaver scouts, was the cherry on the cake.

According to the club leaders: “This [the Bronze Award] is not an everyday occurrence for children. To achieve the award she had to gain six challenge badges – My Adventure, My Outdoors, personal, My Skills, Teamwork and My World.”

Willow said: “I liked beavers because it was really fun. We played games, and we learned important things like the Green Cross Code. We went on hikes and made models. I think other children would enjoy beavers because it is helpful and very, very fun.”

Willow’s mum, Becca Snell said: “Beavers has been great for Willow. She has had lots of fun but also learned about committing to something. 

“She has seen the benefit of challenging herself and trying new things to achieve her goals. It’s provided so many experiences like hiking, climbing and overnight stays, which is so important for children to be exposed to at a young age.”

Adult volunteer Laura Kirk said: “Scouting provides skills for life for young people aged six to 18. This will include learning about safety in the home and outside, communication, health and fitness and IT. 

“As a volunteer I’ve been involved in many activities and training events which have included first aid, planning camps, managing Zoom meetings and ensuring lots of children have fun every week. 

“Scouting provides opportunities for children, young people and adults to go to places the general public may not be able to go to, try different activities, attend a World Scout Jamboree with 40,000 people and cook on an open fire.”

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